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The Restaurant Organizing Project makes nationally-available materials that can be updated for local use. Our newest addition is a 10 Point Pamphlet for a Career with Dignity in the Service Industry: What a Union Could Mean for You.

Our hope is that this can be a tool for Restaurant Organizing Project members to get started, in any city, with however many members they currently have. The more service workers that know we exist, the more people will reach out when something comes up at work that they are ready to take action against. It’s a lot more official to hand someone something that they can look at right away instead of directing them to a zoom link or a Twitter account!

Some ideas for how to use this pamphlet:

  • Spread the word that we exist and that people can join us

Print them out, leave them around town, hand them out to people you’ve been talking to about organizing, set up a tabling in a neighborhood where there are lots of service industry workers.

  • Organize discussions about the content of the pamphlet

Do these demands speak to people? How can we grow our ranks so that we can win these demands for dignity? What questions do people need to learn how to answer about why we need unions and how we can organize to achieve them? 

  • Update the pamphlet to reflect your local work

Add your local contact information so that people can get directly in touch with you if they are looking to organize. Add a report from a local organizing success. Make it your own so that it matches what you are looking to do with it.

Tag us @dishragnews and @restaurandproj with updates on how you are using the pamphlet #10points1goal.