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Graphic by Karina Stenquist

Help get vaccine appointments

Flynn spoke to their co-workers about how to sign up and get an appointment before management reached out. Some states have started to vaccinate food service workers, and may have a central website to sign up for alerts. Look to your local public health department for more information. 

Talk about safety

Gary asked his co-workers how they felt about indoor dining re-opening. Management had not had a conversation with the staff about safety, but Gary and his co-workers let the bosses know that they were concerned. Eventually this led to a dialogue where they were able to procure PPE, go over their revised seating guidelines and point out all the air filters. 


Start a group chat with everyone in it

Jason started a chat in facebook messenger, and once everyone had a place to vent someplace outside of work. Everyone soon realized they had a lot of similar safety and pay concerns. No organization and a cliquish culture turned into a kitchen walk-out within a few days.

Include everyone in staff meal

The act of including someone in a meal can be a great way to show you care. Colleen recommends if your restaurant has staff meal, make sure everyone has something to eat. Find out about dietary restrictions and food allergies. Advocate for others if needed.

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